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"It is such a secret place, the land of tears."

Requests are open, please be specific as to what you'd like. Thanks.

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graphence: whoa.. nevermind i was wrong. You didn't ignore me. I just never followed you. cos pretty sure that you wouldn't have seen my ask if you did ignore me. its none of business but still i'm sure the people who followed you followed you for your posts. Its unfair to block them and not allow them to see your posts. Makes no diff if they follow or not then... besides fanfics whats wrong with them? its a form of expression no? I'll shut up. Sorry if i was overbearing or rude.

No you were right, I did ignore you.  Fanfics are fine, just not my cup of tea.  If I ignore someone the only reason would be because I don’t want to see their posts, I can’t help it if that prevents them from seeing mine.

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graphence: how many users do you ignore? I follow you but NONE of your posts show up on my dashboard... idk what i did to make you ignore me..

193. I don’t know either. Usually I’ll click ignore if I see anything related to fanfics in the tags I follow and some days I just like clicking the ignore button to release stress.  Don’t take it personally, I’ve removed your name. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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julia will not come to save either of your souls, ladies—or lend you her powers


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